This site is a tribute to Michele Cadièux: actress, model, dancer.
1959 - 2009


Welcome to this website dedicated to the life and times of Michèle Cadieux.

Michèle Cadieux was a beautiful, kind, and gracious woman. She was loved and well respected by friends and colleagues in Canada, the United States, and across Europe. Michèle was a very refined and elegant person but unpretentious. She was an accomplished woman in several diverse fields. She was passionate about the ethical treatment of animals, womens' rights, First Nations people, and Quebec’s independence.

Michele deep in thought.Michele looking deep into camera.


Michèle began modeling as a teenager and stayed in the business for over 20 years. Her image was captured by many of the best fashion photographers in Montreal, New York, and Paris. She additionally did photo shoots and run-way shows in Columbia, London, the Caribbean, and Italy. Photographers liked to work with Michèle, because she had a natural expressiveness that was easy to capture on film. Michèle was a local celebrity in the Greater Montreal area. She had small roles in both English and French language movies and television shows.

As a child, Michèle stricken with pneumonia which eventual led to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a rare, chronic progressive interstitial lung disease. She died from her illness two days after her 50th birthday on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Michèle loved the beach and especially the Mediterranean coast. Her last days were happy ones.

If you knew Michèle and would like to share a memory of her, please leave a comment on Facebook. Merci!

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"There's a girl I used to know, her face is her fortune, she's got a heart of  gold. She never goes out much, but boy when she does, then you know."

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